Thursday, July 17, 2008

Could you live without your car?

This website is dedicated to scoring cities and neighborhoods on how walkable they are. As it says on the website, it doesn't take into account aesthetics such as how pretty a place is, it only scores based on how convenient it would be to live your life on foot..... how easy would it be for you to walk to get your groceries, to the park, to the movies, to the library...etc... It also doesn't take into account things like public transportation, safety, or topography.

Take Silverdale, Wa for example.... my old childhood stomping grounds... got a 94%... "A Walker's Paradise".

Silverdale is a relatively small place, and as such doesn't have the crime rates of larger cities, so it is a "safe" place to walk. As long as you live in Silverdale, proper, and not on the outskirts, you could do very well without a car! As the website states, there are LOTS of things to do and see in Silverdale and you are never far away from refreshment, relaxation, entertainment, or work. And although Silverdale is located in a valley surrounded by hills that would not be friendly to walk up carrying a load of groceries, the public transit system is really great and can transport you to neighboring cities and even to a ferry to visit Seattle. Plus a bonus..... Silverdale is gorgeous! It boasts views of the water, a robust historical downtown area, several parks, and even a dedicated walking path that winds through the city.

How does your favorite city rate?

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