Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bright Boy

Alex has been walking around the house saying "book" over and over and over.... many times he will bring a book to me and climb up in my lap for me to read it to him. I love that he is interested in reading!

This morning we read a book called "The Trucks Book" by Harry McNaught. Actually, this wasn't the first time we read it. It is so used and worn, Alex carries it around with him a lot and likes to look at all the different "cars", as he says. But this morning as we were reading it, he was pointing at the tires on each of the trucks and saying "a, o". He was connecting the shape of the tires to letters that he has been studying on Starfall!

MY TWO YEAR OLD RECOGNIZES LETTERS!!!! He knows which letters are round, and can name them when he sees round objects! I am just so proud of him.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Small and simple things make life worth living

I have decided to blog about small and simple moments that make me smile... or make me think... or make me grateful to be me... It is high time I started recognizing the small and simple miracles in my life.

My moment for today was sitting on the couch on a chilly afternoon with a sleeping baby, sipping New York Apple Spice herbal tea, and watching it rain.... ah, perfection...

Thank God for Food Storage... even though it wasn't mine...

I can't believe I ran out of basic pantry essentials!

I just take for granted most of the time that certain things are in my pantry, so when I went to make a loaf of onion bread and found that I was out of onion soup mix, I was a bit perturbed.... but I went to make a substitute and found that I was also out of Worcestershire sauce, dried minced onion, beef bullion, and many other things!


So now I have all the wet ingredients all mixed together to make onion bread and they are just sitting there, waiting for my grandma to bring me some dried minced onion and beef bullion from her food storage....


Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Saturday....

We had a great time today!

We visited with a friend who is moving away for a bit today and then kidnapped my grandma and headed down to Allyn for the World Wide Knit in Public Day... we got there around 2 and stayed till 4. I won a knitting book called "Charmed Knits" about knitting Harry Potter stuff..... Then we drove up the other side of the Hood Canal and stopped in Quilcene for hand-dipped ice cream (it's a tradition in our family to stop when we go through Quilcene) and then came home.... we just got home around 7:30!

It was a FANTASTIC day!