Sunday, May 31, 2009


We took my grandma to Round Table Pizza today, and really enjoyed ourselves! Great food, great atmosphere, great company! But....

On our way home, standing on the street corner, were some people who oppose Planned Parenthood and abortion... that in itself didn't bother me... I am not opposed to peaceful demonstrations.... but this was NOT peaceful!

They were carrying giant posters with pictures of mutilated babies, parts of aborted fetuses, and scary looking surgical equipment... with the word "CHOICE" above it all... it was horrifying!

I think they were more than capable of getting their message across without resorting to scare tactics!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Rockin' out to Kingdom Hearts.... oh yeah

My little dancer, aka Alexander, LOVES music and will dance to just about anything! Well, except for Country/Western, which he screams at until it is silenced....

Just now he was headbanging and hopping and jumping and dancing up a storm to the video game Shawn is playing. And of course, dad obliges by making the character on the screen "dance" by quickly tapping the forward button so the character wiggles across the screen.... they are both in tears from laughter!

Ah, the good life!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Temple

I am so grateful for the Temple!

I got to go to the Temple yesterday and it was wonderful. I felt true peace for the first time since my depression started last month. I was reminded of God's love for ME... not in an abstract way, but in a personal, He LOVES ME, Jennifer, the imperfect human being with challenges and struggles. He LOVES ME, even when I don't do everything right. He LOVES ME and KNOWS ME and KNOWS MY trials... He can help ME to get through it.

Last night I slept so well. I don't think I have slept THAT well for months! Today I am still at peace. I don't feel like there is a festering hole in my soul anymore. I feel like I WILL get through this and be better.

Before, I just knew intellectually that I could get through it. An abstract thought... based on the fact that I hadn't killed myself and that I had such a great support system. People who cared for me and wanted me to get better. I knew that others had come through it... but now, I BELIEVE that I not only CAN but I WILL get better.