Saturday, February 14, 2009


My son is turning TWO YEARS OLD tomorrow. I don't know whether to be happy that he is getting so big and learning so much... or sad that he's getting older and no longer my little bitty baby... *sigh*

We have a big day planned. We are having Alex's 2 year birthday pics done at J.C. Penney's... We will also be getting family pics done of my sisters, mother, grandmother and I... my older sister is visiting from Illinois and it will be the first time in a while that all three of us sisters will be together...

Then we are celebrating his birthday at Chuck E. Cheese. We got one of their birthday packages, so there will be gaming, and food, and Chuck will come out and put on a show... etc... We got Alex his very first trike for his birthday. We put it together tonight so that we could take it to the photo shoot tomorrow... he loves it! He can't reach the pedals yet, but he really likes putting some of his toys inside the compartment under the seat, he also love pushing it around, and having us push him around on it. I think he will get a lot of use out of it with spring just around the corner too!

He got a birthday card today from my husband's parents, inside was a gift card to Target... so tomorrow we will go there and let him pick out a present from his grandparents.

I will call my father and let him wish Alex a happy birthday tomorrow as well.

All in all, I think it will be a big day. I hope Alex has fun.

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Missy said...

How exciting! Sounds like he will have a wonderful birthday:)