Friday, October 30, 2009

20 Week Ultrasound

My "hour long ultrasound" lasted all of 20-30 minutes with most of that time the tech was fighting with the brand new machine. Then when Alex started having a meltdown because I couldn't pick him up another tech came in and told Shawn that he would have to leave with Alex so that they could "make sure baby is safe" what place is safer for baby than mother's womb? And if baby wasn't "safe" what could they do about it? Kristina, my Doula, and Shawn had a laugh about that one... I think I might enter that into the "My OB said WHAT?!" website

Of course the tech couldn't really say anything to me about what she was seeing, but thankfully Kristina was there and knew some parts she was looking at and told me what they were.

The one time the tech looked at the crotch area, baby had legs crossed Indian Style and we couldn't see anything... so no idea what gender is which is what I wanted anyway... Shawn was the one who wanted to know

Heart rate was 157. Baby is "measuring" 22 weeks not 20. According to, it's a girl!

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