Monday, February 11, 2008

my baby's growing up!

My son turns 1 year old on Friday! I don't know how to feel about it.... he is getting so big!

His personality and independence is coming out more, but he still needs me... he still loves to nurse, not as frequently, but still... mostly he nurses for comfort, he nurses most frequently at night. During the day, he nurses when he gets a bump or if he is bored or if he is thirsty, but he doesn't nurse because he is hungry any more... He still co-sleeps with us at night, and he prefers to nap in arms during the day, which is fine with me... I love to hold my baby boy... he wont let me hold him forever, I might as well get my fill now :-)

This year he got 5 teeth, a full head of hair, and the cutest smile you ever saw in your life...

This year he has learned to:

drive his parents crazy and woo the grandparents all in the same moment (from about day 4)
roll over, sit up, scoot, smile, laugh, play in the bath, and swim (0-4 months)
cruise holding on to furniture (8 months)
crawl (8.5 months)
eat solids on his own.... including pennies :-( (8 months...pennies at 11 months)
walk (9.5 months old)
climb (this month and I want to pull my hair out! He pulled his high chair over on top of him!)
he can also say a few words (first coherent word was "mom-mom" at about 6 months)

and a whole slew of other things that I couldn't possibly list on one page...

so the score has been totaled and the results are in...


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