Sunday, January 20, 2008

loose change

My beloved 11 month old son was nursing after having eaten some baked potato. He was squirming, and generally acting like he was uncomfortable. This usually signifies that he is done and wants down, so I put him on the floor where he promptly gave me a look that clearly said "You just don't get it!" and he went to the kitchen to find Dad. We go through this sometimes when he is done with me and wants his father, so I didn't think much about it. Alex stood at the the baby gate and screeched at his dad, who was preparing lunch. My husband stopped what he was doing, and came to see what it was that had Alex so upset. At that moment, Alex starts gagging, he was breathing just fine, so we weren't concerned that he was choking - last time Alex started gagging it was because he had a dry throat from too little nursing after eating. So my husband brings him to me to try and nurse again.

You can tell from my writing thus far that we were not terribly concerned, as we had some experience with Alex behaving this way. But were we ever surprised by what happened next!

Alex continues to gag, act uncomfortable, and refuse to nurse. At this point we were starting to get a little confused, as we had tried doing all the usual things to no avail. Then Alex starts to throw up! Ok, this is different! My husband runs to get something to clean up the mess (he is more squeamish than I am when it comes to vomit) and I pick up Alex and start to get up. I must have put some pressure on his tummy as he spat out a penny. Alex looks at me, smiles the biggest, cutest smile in his arsenal and dives for the boob. Time to refill!

My husband appears out of the bedroom with a receiving blanket to clean up the mess and I handed him the penny. He looked at me and laughed, I laughed, and Alex looks up at me like "Hey I didn't order a milkshake!" and we looked over to see my husband's jeans lying on the floor surrounded by loose change...


As good as this story came out for us, this could have turned out much worse. Although it is not always possible to prevent all accidents as kids are quick little buggers... it is important to be mindful of what is in your child's domain.

here is a link that talks about the dangers of children and pets swallowing loose change:

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