Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I hate Medicaid, I hate being poor

Thanks to Medicaid Health Insurance cutbacks, I ran out of Insulin today... I don't have enough to take my evening dose tonight! Of course I can fill it tomorrow. I called the pharmacy and they said "We can fill it at 1am." Taking my Insulin late is better than not at all right?

Not to mention I am supposed to be upping my Insulin until my blood sugar is below 90 before dinner. Medicaid wont pay for enough test strips for an entire month so I don't even know WHAT my sugar is! I ran out of strips a week ago, so I had to stop increasing my Insulin... this is a dangerous game the state is playing with my life, and the life of my unborn child.

Thank God though that I ran out of strips, or I would have run out of Insulin MUCH sooner and been completely screwed.

I tried calling my doc's office, and they called the insurance to try and get an override so I can get enough Diabetic testing supplies and Insulin to last the whole month, but they told her she had to call the pharmacy to get the prior authorization forms. The pharmacy doesn't have the forms, they always get the forms from a doctor who gets them from the insurance... so basically Medicaid is jerking around the doc and the pharmacy and playing games with MY life! I could DIE if my sugar goes too high or low, that is why I NEED test strips. I could MISCARRY if my sugar isn't controlled! I could DIE if I don't take my Insulin! But they are worried about paying for 1 box of test strips more a month, 2 more bottles of Insulin... it's enough to make me want to cry.

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