Friday, January 15, 2010

In re: Mominatrix

Last night there was a live broadcast in response to Momintatrix's comment that cesarean mothers are "lucky" and should "have a giggle and get over it". If you missed the live broadcast, you can still listen in at the website above.

Mominatrix's comments were horrible. They struck right at the heart of women who have had horrible cesarean experiences. It demeans the experiences of thousands of women!

My first contact with this woman was through a reveiw done by The Feminist Breeder's blog.
I was outraged! I couldn't believe that a woman would say something like this about something she had never experienced. Then I heard that Mominatrix had a live broadcast where she continued her comments and even had a male guest who disparaged women...

I called in (Jennifer/Riverbeauty) to The Feminist Breeder's broadcast to share my story. If you want to read my son's Cesarean Birth Story, you can:

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