Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Holy Canoli!

I took a nap today and woke up with EXTREME pain... the entire left side of my abdomen was just as hard as a rock... the right side was not tight at all. So I tried pelvic rocking, squats, sitting "indian style", shower, walking, sitting on my ball (cute story about that in a minute), the inversion technique my chiro suggested, drinking water - though very very very nauseous... NOTHING helped! It was excruciating. For an HOUR!

Then when I tried pelvic rocking again, I got up on the bed and scooted all the way to the bottom of the bed and let my butt hang off the end (I looked like a freaking frog, I am sure) and I felt Lirum "pop"... that is the only way I can describe it. She had been transverse and whatever part of her was on my left side went up. IT HURT LIKE HELL! Never in my life felt anything so painful EVER! I nearly threw up, and then I passed out. Shawn was able to help get me up onto the bed in a better position laying on my side when I came to a second later. The whole side of my abdomen was still just as hard as could be. So we called Kristina to see if maybe I should go in or something... She said it wasn't likely contractions, just Lirum in a bad position... and to try some other things. For the next half hour we tried everything she suggested and finally, with a sick thud-like sound in my spine when Lirum kicked me (Shawn said it sounded like a peice of meat being thrown at the wall) and a swooshing sound she flipped.

My whole belly looks completely different. The top isn't poking out as far anymore and I feel her kicking in my left side at the top, her head is NOT in my pelvis, it is over to the right by my leg. My hard belly has softened quite a bit, and the pain is not nearly as bad as it was. I am achy on my left side from my back wrapping around the left and shooting down my leg. I will be seeing my chiro tomorrow.


Oh yeah, cute story about the ball... As I was sitting on my ball, Alex came in with his beach ball and sat on it and copied every move I made... it was adorable!

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