Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pregnancy update...

I am due sometime next month... and still trying for that elusive VBAC!

My story is quite long... Here is a link to my son's unnecesarean:

Since we got pregnant this time, we have switched docs 3 times to find a supportive provider. That provider decided at a visit two weeks ago to inform me that I would have to have my VBAC spontaneously by 39 weeks or have a repeat cesarean. Here is that story:!/note.php?note_id=345865831328

I had started to feel a bit discouraged... perhaps I was making the wrong choice... but then at my last doc visit God sent me an angel in disguise. A new doc who looked at my file and me and basically couldn't figure out why VBAC wasn't the best choice for me... and was confused when another doc in the practice told her to tell me that I was going against their medical advice by refusing to cooperate with their plans.

Now I have renewed confidence in my ability and my choices... and am going to go ahead with my plan to labor at home and show up pushing at the local VBAC de facto banned hospital and not let anyone push me around.

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Missy said...

I'm so glad you got a supportive new doctor! That is awesome! I am excited for you:)