Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pregnancy and other goings on...

Alex is very sick... high temp, snotty nose, wet hacking cough, and just absolutely miserable... He started Sunday with a runny nose and stayed home from Church, last night around 6pm his fever spiked. He was just lethargic and couldn't stay awake for anything! We ended up giving him some Tylenol and putting him to bed after he stood in the bathroom screaming bloody murder while Shawn steamed him up... still wouldn't get into the bath

Add to that, one very pregnant momma with sore nipples and having contractions regularly all night long last night... and what do you think happens?

Alex rolled over and pinched my nipple in his sleep (he only does this when he's really sick, or have had a bad dream... a comfort thing... he wont nurse, but just checks to make sure it is still there) during one particularly intense contraction that woke me up. I wasn't getting much sleep anyway... and I just started screaming at the top of my lungs: "GET OFF ME!" over and over and over.... I just couldn't stop screaming... Shawn came up out of a dead sleep shaking from reaction, Alex woke up all panicky, Shawn grabbed Alex who was just crying hysterically because all he could see was mom was screaming at him and he couldn't figure out what he did... I finally got control of myself and just started sobbing... then Alex, still crying, wanted to come over and snuggle with me now that he saw I wasn't mad anymore... and we just laid there crying together till we were just hiccupping from exhaustion... the next thing I know, we woke up this morning and I still had him in my arms.

I was worried about leaving him to go to my OB visit today, what kind of emotional distress was it going to cause him to have me gone when he is still sick and recovering from a terrible mommy episode? But, when I got home Alex gave me a great big grin and jumped into my arms... I nearly cried with joy... he doesn't seem to be any worse for the wear.

I had a fantastic OB visit today... They were scary nice to me which really freaks me out since they have been really horrible the last few weeks. Ever since my apnea problem though they have been sticky sweet to me... which is nice, but makes me wonder when the other foot will drop. Maybe it's just me being paranoid...

In any case, they checked my cervix and I am dilated to 2cm on the outside, 0 on the inside... soft cervix, but still high. Lirum was so far engaged that the ultrasound tech couldn't get accurate measurements of her head during my biophysical profile! I think these contractions are doing their job!

On other news, still have a negative trace urine, BP has stabilized, gained a grand total of 4lbs this past week, minor swelling in the feet but they said that's normal for someone who is going to be 38 weeks pregnant on Friday. Ultrasound was great, Lirum got 8 out of 8 on her profile and amniotic fluid is at a perfect 11cm so no fear of polyhydramnios. My sugars have been great this past week also! And to top it off, they are estimating Lirum's weight at birth to be about 7lbs!

All of that to say that things are still going swimmingly... It is as if I don't even have Diabetes or Hypertension! My seizures have also been decreasing this past week, even though I do pass out during some of the more intense contractions I have been having. I have gained 46 lbs through my whole pregnancy.

Speaking of Diabetes, the doc said that when I do think I am in labor, they want me to stop all my insulin... I asked why and she said that this way they can monitor my sugars during labor and if necessary put me on an insulin drip. This is the only way they can find out how long AFTER labor I need to stay. I told her that I planned to eat hard candies during labor to maintain my sugar... and she said that was fine... not that I plan to labor at her hospital anyway, but it was nice to know that it's ok with the Diabetes issue. She also said that if my sugar is maintained well through labor without having to go on an insulin drip that I could stay as little as 48 hours after a vaginal birth and 72 hours after a cesarean... that is VERY good news!

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