Sunday, March 16, 2008

What will they say?

I know that this is a topic many people avoid, because it is uncomfortable for many to contemplate death, but I also know that at one point or another it crosses everyone's mind, today, it crossed mine.... and since this is a blog about my life, my thoughts, my family, my passions, I thought I should share the happy and the not so here it goes.

When I leave this world behind, and go on to whatever awaits me, what will the people on Earth say about me?

Will people think of my life and say that I lived or will they say I played it safe?

Will they say my life was full or mourn over what I could have done? Will they dance at my funeral or will they cry?

Will I have made a difference in the world? Will the world be better because I was here?

Will they say I made something of myself or will they say that I made some one else's life better?

What words will they use to describe me:
wife, student, knitter, crocheter, paralegal, risk-taker, Mormon, free-spirit, reader, happy, thinker, chef, loving, passionate, kind, sick, activist, selfish, daughter, sister, stubborn, mother, worrier, beautiful, fat....... ?

There are no real answers to any of these questions, at least none that I will be able to learn now... but I think it is important to contemplate my life and see where I could improve, where I can prioritize better, how I can make myself into the kind of person that people will be sad to see go, but joyful that I had a life well-lived.

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