Thursday, December 4, 2008

Fire Department Christmas

Every year our local fire department drives around the city with "Santa" and his sleigh on top of the big red engine. They toot their horn and have all the flashy lights on and play Christmas carols and people walk along with the truck giving out candy canes to all the people who come out of their houses.

This year Alex got to see it for the first time! He was a little scared by it all and snuggled into my shoulder as we stood outside our apartment singing along with the carols as the truck went by. A very nice lady came up and gave us some candy canes and wished us a Merry Christmas. It is wonderful to see this every year, even though we don't celebrate Santa... People singing Christmas carols like "Silent Night" and "Oh, Come All Ye Faithful" and wishing people a Merry Christmas rather than a Happy Holidays.... it warms the heart.

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