Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Secret Santa

I received a letter today, the return address block simply said "Santa". The Secret Santa wrote my address in a deliberate choppy block style that completely precluded identifying the penmanship of the author. I opened it, curious to see if the secret Santa would reveal themselves, but no luck.

Inside was a single piece of paper that simply read, "For fun." Wrapped carefully in the letter, were two gift certificates, one for me, to JoAnn Fabric and Craft Store... and one for my son, to Toys R Us.

I have no idea who would do such a wonderful thing! It was completely unexpected! We have a very tight budget, and to receive such an unexpected gift was wonderful! Our Bishop stopped by last week and gave us some money for Christmas, but it went directly toward things we needed for the house instead of just having some fun. These unexpected gift certificates can't be spent on things like food or bills... as the letter knowingly stated, it will be used "for fun".

Thank you to whoever it was who sent such a wonderful Christmas gift!

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Missy said...

That's so sweet! It shows how much our Heavenly Father knows of us and our needs, even at Christmas. I hope you enjoy your shopping spree:)